Check Out Appointment

It is most important that you ensure the following are taken care of:

  • That all cleaning has been completed prior to this time.
  • That all personal items have been removed.
  • The property is ready to be handed over and the Tenant ready to vacate.
If you are not ready to leave, it may not be possible to carry out the Check out. In this case a return visit will be necessary, and a charge will be added to the Check out report.

The Inventory Clerk acts as an independent and reasonable body and will avoid unnecessary criticism or derogatory comments when compiling or checking the Inventory.

At the termination of the tenancy the inventory will be checked and any obvious or significant discrepancies will be reported to the Managing Agent/Instructing Principal. This report will indicate whether, in our opinion the tenant is liable for the deterioration or whether it is considered fair wear and tear. Normal fair wear and tear will be assessed on the length of the tenancy and type of occupancy.

Wear and tear guidelines are set out by the AIIC - the professional body for Inventory Companies